Industrial computer product supply chain

- May 11, 2019-

Although industrial computers and personal computers have obvious differences in function, demand, and appearance, the basic components of the two are no different. They are CPUs (CPUs), chipsets, connectors, boards, and power supplies. Supplies, chassis, soft hard drives, and other electronic components. Basically, suppliers also have a high overlap. Many parts chambers are supplied to both PC manufacturers and industrial computer manufacturers. However, because the shipments and production dates are not consistent, some parts manufacturers will open another one. The department specializes in the production of industrial computer parts. After the upstream parts sell parts to the industrial computer manufacturers in the middle, the industrial computer manufacturers will carry out various kinds of assembly according to the types of industrial computers. At this step, the core of the industrial computer has been roughly formed.

And the final step for industrial computers to move to the market, the most critical role is the system integrator. Because the assembled industrial computer is basically equipped, it needs to be customized by the system integrator for different professional fields, and the surrounding integration can be truly provided to the end customer. In addition, in order to meet a variety of additional functional requirements, value-added resellers will add industrial software to add some additional hardware and software (such as anti-virus software to the operating system), and then sell to system integrators.