Industrial embedded computer is the key to industrial automation

- May 11, 2019-

With the networking technology, the nodes of the network are no longer just desktop computers or mobile devices in the home. Every machine, every object we contact, may become "conscious" in the future. Our life will be It has become more networked, and we will be closer to the world through smart devices, and a new era of Internet of Things has arrived. In this concept, the hidden industrial computer (IndustrialPC) is an important promoter of the realization of the future of the Internet of Things figurative, what is an industrial computer?

Industrial computers can be thought of as controllers in industrial automation machines. In addition to mechanical parts, a machine and equipment, from data input, signal input to the entire machine action, to produce the most critical components of the "automation" capability, is the controller. In fact, automation is the process of automatically executing the "program" of the machine parts. Each instruction in the program is analyzed and released by the controller, so as to achieve the goal of automatic work of all parts of the machine.