Industrial Internet of Things under 5G

- Apr 23, 2019-

In today's industrial system, because we can't specify the specific material quantity and can't determine the error range in material production, many times of “warehousing waste”, “time waste” and “human waste” are often only because of less production. A screw or an insignificant part.

When the Internet of Things system in the 5G era, the error problem of many "one screw" in the existing industrial system was solved by the Internet of Things system.

When all the factories and equipments are formed into profit-sharing industrial alliances due to the deployment of industrial cloud services, it is foreseeable that the order of products that we placed online 2 hours ago can be produced in the factory for half an hour, and then used for one hour. service.

At that time, the Jingdong product page, the label printed was no longer "the day of the day", but "the day is the right to produce."

In addition to being fast, because of the reduction in logistics, warehousing and production costs, the non-luxury items you buy will receive better quality and lower prices.

And as the boundaries of the factory are broken, all the machines in the factory are integrated into an IoT system, and future industrial products will be modularized.

For example, all consumer complex electronic products before the order, 60% of the assembly in the main factory, the remaining 40% of the work, will be completed after your order from your nearest standard factory.

In this way, even if the last material is left, it is possible to flexibly combine 60% of the available parts in the next generation of product updates.

Behind this combination, the feeling for our consumers is:

The number of products you buy to belong to you will increase indefinitely. For example, when you gain weight, the food you buy will reduce the sugar content in advance, and the new tableware you buy will reduce the food carrying capacity in advance.

The red and black clothes you bought, the blue and black you like in advance, when everything is centered on the consumer's personal preferences, the way of business, society and economic organization will be rewritten.

However, this process is not a one-time process.

When the industrial "Internet of Things system" evolved to this: the investment of business owners will become the share of the "Industrial Internet of Things" alliance, and the management of the enterprise will shift from worker management to data development management. At that time, the most valuable collateral property of the enterprise was not hardware, but the ownership and use of data.

In order to reconcile this contradiction, the CPS system has set up a voting system for enterprises that have joined the "Industrial Internet of Things"; in the 5G era, the processing of such data ownership is evolving toward the distributed data center as the industrial cloud evolves. .