Industrial manufacturing push industrial computer development

- Dec 28, 2018-

In recent years, from factory automation to intelligent furniture, intelligent transportation, to intelligent medical equipment, multimedia equipment, information technology in various industries, and the constant growth of digital demand, the demand for the main board of industrial control computers has also increased. The profession ushered in spring. 

Industrial computer (IPC) is a kind of thing that uses bus structure to detect and monitor the production process, electromechanical equipment and process equipment. The main characteristic of IPC is its strong ability to resist moisture and high temperature and adapt to adverse environment. Therefore, it can be used in various planning, industrial situations, it greatly reduces the number of times and costs of manual maintenance, and it has the corresponding stability, the accident rate is relatively low, the relative stability is higher, and the failure reporting rate is also relatively low. Other industrial control motherboards are suitable for running between -40 degrees and 80 degrees. The temperature range and humidity share can also range from 0 to 95 percent. It also has strong self-radiation control. It is very suitable for the normal operation of metal dust or general dust. 

With the development of science and technology and the maturity of industrial chain, the figures of industrial control computer are more diversified and the scope of use is expanding. Now, industrial control computers are widely used in industrial automation, medical instruments, intelligent rail transit, unmanned retail and so on, and are gradually extended to financial services, network security and other scenarios. Artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other new generation of information technology development, industrial computer market demand has been released. As the key support of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry, IPC is playing more and more important effects in many fields, and according to the changes of shopping malls and customer needs, it is becoming more and more personalized and customized. 


In a word, IPC is no longer confined to the former characters, its potential is constantly exploited, quality upgrading and technological innovation are also actively promoted. Next, under the overall situation that the industrial computer market accelerates the heating up, the industrial chain enterprises such as the industrial computer whole machine, the data collection module, the embedded motherboard will usher in the rare development key. 

Now, the global economy and the development of science and technology have entered a new stage. Both the traditional developed countries in Europe and the United States and the new market countries are vigorously promoting the process of industrial automation and speeding up the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing operations. And active layout artificial intelligence industrialization development, in order to obtain future competition dominant power. Therefore, European and American countries have put forward the policies of "reindustrialization" and "recirculation of manufacturing operations", and our country has also issued plans such as "our country makes 2025" and so on. Under the influence of the mainstream trend, the intelligence of each category will create huge market space for the industrial computer profession. As a result, the future of industrial control computer market prospects are considerable.

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