Industrial Mobile applications will be wider

- Jan 09, 2019-

The participation of mobile terminal devices in the industrial Internet of things has gradually increased. More and more manufacturers have introduced mobile applications to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. 

The main application methods of mobile terminal are as follows: 

(1) remote monitoring: with the mobile application of HMI, the staff can check the running status of the field equipment and production line at any time and place, and carry on the diagnosis and maintenance work in time. When the monitoring point is far away from the operating point of the equipment or the equipment is located in the dangerous area, the advantages of the mobile application in improving the working safety and efficiency are more obvious. When multiple devices are running the same set of processes, it is more convenient and efficient for the staff to view the status of each device on the mobile terminal than to look at it one by one before each device. Many people think that personal mobile devices are not suitable for industrial use, so in 2017, in addition to introducing more apps based on personal mobile terminals, We've seen a small number of companies launch web-based tablets specifically designed for industrial environments to view data and information only. 

(2) automatic collection of field information: workers can use mobile devices as a tool to collect information on the spot, and directly scan and upload data to the backstage system through a special application program. This avoids errors in the process of reading and manually entering information by the staff themselves. 

(3) Information distribution and sharing: the manual flow in the field will be digitized on the mobile terminal, and the distribution and sharing of information will be greatly simplified. For example, factory administrators can publish problems to all concerned at the same time, without having to communicate one by one. This reduces downtime and maintenance time and maximizes losses.

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