Industrial Panel computer traditional applications

- Apr 13, 2019-

Embedded industrial tablet application: 

  1. The mobile industry mobile application uses rfid, mobile Internet and other technologies to realize the mobile intelligent inspection tour function in the transmission, substation, power distribution and other links, thereby achieving the goal of lean and closed-loop management.

  2. The petroleum and petrochemical industry uses RFID technology to realize automatic, fast and accurate reading of the storage and collection stations, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse management.

  3. Government supervision industry application through real-time monitoring of flow direction of fireworks and firecrackers through rfid, sensors, video surveillance, wireless transmission and other technologies, over-warning of warehouses, real-time monitoring and warning of warehouse temperature and humidity, video monitoring and alarming, etc., thus reducing security Production accident rate.

  4. The pharmaceutical management industry uses rfid technology to realize the construction of information supply platform for pharmaceutical supply chain, so as to achieve real-time tracking and supervision of drugs in production, distribution and sales.

  5. Environmental protection supervision industry The application of industrial tablet PCs in the environmental protection industry is gradually increasing, mainly due to the state's construction of automatic real-time monitoring system for pollution sources, which requires automatic transmission of tens of thousands of signals to The main station needs to collect a large number of signals, and industrial tablet computers, especially embedded industrial tablets, can play a very good demonstration effect.

  6. The logistics industry application logistics system may be more modern than many people imagine. A complete modern logistics system can almost replace human work, including scanning, testing, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and many other aspects. Industrial tablet PCs are widely used and there are many successful cases.

  7. Smart home industry application industrial tablet computer can be used as a family service terminal in high-end community, real intercom, message, cost inquiry, commodity ordering, household appliance management, etc.

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