Industrial panel computer used in Monitoring system for ash and Slag removal in Power Plant

- Dec 10, 2018-


Ash removal device is an important auxiliary equipment in thermal power plant. Its function is mainly to transport fly ash collected by electric precipitator to ash storage to ensure the safe and normal operation of boiler system. The ash and slag removal system of large units usually includes the treatment of coal from pulverizer, treatment of boiler bottom slag, economizer, air preheater and fly ash treatment of electric precipitator. 

According to the working principle, the ash removal device can be divided into three types: hydraulic ash removal device, pneumatic ash removal device and mechanical ash removal device. Since the process equipment of the ash and slag removal system in power plant is more dispersed, the distance is far and the range is large, the operation should be controlled by strict relative conditions, interlocking relations and pressure parameters. 

Therefore, PLC is generally adopted as the core of full automation program control. The PLC control cabinet and upper computer are installed in the ash and slag removal control room. The data communication between the PLC control station and the monitoring computer is carried out by Ethernet. The upper computer is usually realized by industrial tablet computer. In view of the dust pollution in the location of ash and slag removal system in power plant, it is generally necessary to customize the industrial tablet computer in a special airtight way. Otherwise, dust accumulation for a long time may lead to machine heat dissipation problems, and eventually lead to machine scrapping. 

In response to this particular application scenario requirement, TAICENN engineers specifically designed a customized 12.1 inch solution for industrial panel computers suitable for this particular requirement.