Industrial Panel PC with NFC + auto 1D & 2D code scanner

- Apr 12, 2019-

Project Background:

One of TAICENN’S European partner is working with a local vehicle manufacturer, who generally requires a computer mounted on the wall at the production site.

The main application is: 

Industrial Panel PC must include a RFID (NFC) on the front to read the badge of the staff that produce one part of a vehicle.

Panel PC also must include a barcode reader (better with both 1D and 2D) on the front to scan the code of the production and the materials used to produce this part of vehicle. And this has to be done automatically when code is approaching, instead of pressing any button to power on the scanner. 

Confirmed Specs:

After several rounds of discussion, TAICENN and this partner agree on fixed specifications of this Panel PC as below:

1. RFID on front panel.

RFID 13.56 MHz, Near-field communications (NFC),

ISO 14443A/B Protocol.

2. Barcode reader on front panel.

Auto-scanning. Better with both 1D and 2D.

3. Baytrial J1900 platform.

4. 15.6” Full HD, P-Cap. Touch.

5. 1* RJ45 and 2* USB at least. Better more interfaces on real panel.

6. Wi-Fi with Antenna optional.

7. VESA mounting on the back.

Design Sketch:

Once the specs were confirmed, TAICENN was able to provide a design & dimension sketch for both partner and end client’s confirmation to go ahead at a very satisfactory pace.

Panel PC with NFC

Samples Delivered! 

After the partner gave the green light, TAICENN started to build the sample and now the sample Panel PC with NFC as below (see middle bottom of the front panel of the All-In-One NFC + auto 1D & 2D code reader) has already been delivered and approved by the end client.

Panel PC with NFCPanel PC with NFC

Panel PC with NFCPanel PC with NFC

This NFC and coder reader solution is just one out of various customized Panel PC with NFC products TAICENN have ever delivered to clients, which is once again a verification of TAICENN’s customizing and supporting capability. 

Next should you have any interests in this Panel PC with NFC + coder reader, or if you want any other customization for your end client, please feel free to let TAICENN know. Write us at We promise you will get a reply very soon!

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Thank you for your support and cooperation!

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