Industrial Panel PCs for MES system

- Dec 20, 2018-

TPC-DCMxxxC1 for MES (Manufacturing execution systems)

What is MES?

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are computerized systems used in manufacturing, to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. MES provides information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production output. MES works in real time to enable the control of multiple elements of the production process (e.g. inputs, personnel, machines and support services).


Benefits for MES users:

"Manufacturing Execution Systems helps create flawless manufacturing processes and provide real-time feedback of requirement changes, and provide information at a single source.

Other benefits from successful MES implementation might include:

●Reduced waste, re-work and scrap, including quicker setup times;

●More accurate capture of cost-information (e.g. labor, scrap, downtime, and tooling);

●Increased uptime;

●Incorporate Paperless Workflow Activities;

●Reduced inventory, through the eradication of just-in-case inventory.

System requirements:

To the manufacturing enterprises, if they want to fulfill smart manufacturing, it is the most important to transparentize all productive process segments, to fulfill informationization and visualization management.

The management schedule comes from ERP system, and dispatch into all terminals (TAICENN Panel PC). MES system will manage and control all flow data and Implement operation plan.

Required features:

   ● ERP system data center;

   ● TCP/IP Data switch;

   ● MES system software;

   ● TAICENN Industrial Panel PC;

TAICENN solutions for MES applications

TAICENN Industrial Panel PCs TPC-DCMxxxC1 model are assigned in all workshop stations, get the code from ERP system, collaborate with barcode/RFID collector, execute and feedback to ERP system.


Key features:

Rugged sealed aluminum box and large finned heat sink;

●Front panel IP65 protecting, VESA mounting;

●Multi-point (10 points) projective capacitive touch;

●Available dimension: 15.6’’, 18.5’’ and 21.5’’ wide-screen LCD;

●Intel low power-consumption Baytrail J1900 processor;

●2* Intel I211AT GLAN, 4*USB (1*USB3.0 + 3*USB2.0), 2*RS232 ports;

●Optional with Wi-Fi/3G/4G, 2*2W speaker;

●DC 9~24V power input, over-current, over-voltage and reverse plarity protection;

●VESA mounting;

●Operating temp. 0 ~ +60 range;

TAICENN, is a leading global solution provider of Embedded Box PC, Touch panel PC and industrial monitor, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.

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