Industrial robot demand is strong

- Jun 19, 2019-

The era of industrial robots is getting closer and closer, and more and more manufacturers are starting to buy robots to enhance their competitiveness. According to a report released by International Data Corporation (IDC), China is the world's largest robot market. In all major markets including IDC surveyed by IDC in 2018, robots are the top priority of technology investment in manufacturing enterprises. In 2019, nearly half of China's robotic systems will appear in discrete manufacturing (including automotive, electronics, metal processing, etc.) with a market size of more than $16.7 billion.

In the domestic manufacturing sector, the role of industrial robots is increasingly emerging. For example, in the glass manufacturing industry, hundreds of millions of pieces of glass produced and sold each year require a large number of manual inspections with the naked eye. The reporter recently learned that Yantai Gerun Times has realized the automated visual inspection of the mobile phone cover by using the detection robot developed by Tulin Technology. One device is equivalent to the workload of 24 production line workers throughout the day, which is more efficient than traditional detection. Dozens of times, and reduce the economic losses caused by manual misdetection.

Glass inspection is just one of the common application scenarios for industrial robots. According to industry experts, with the improvement of technology level and continuous optimization of product structure, the breadth and depth of domestic industrial robots have been expanding in recent years. In particular, the promotion and implementation of a number of industrial robot demonstration application projects directly promote the application of domestic industrial robots in home appliances, power electronics, auto parts, metal processing and other industries.

At present, Shanghai has become one of the largest exporters of intelligent manufacturing system solution providers in China. In 2018, Shanghai's industrial robot industry ranked first in the country, with a total annual output value of 21.918 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3%. Recently, the Shanghai FANUC Phase III project, which was co-operated by Shanghai Electric and FANUC, is called the “super smart factory” in the robotics industry. It is announced that it will land in Shanghai and establish the first digital intelligent production line for robot production robots in China.

The Pacific Securities Research Institute believes that the future of the industrial robot market is huge, and the combination of robots and artificial intelligence technology is becoming more and more close, and will become the "protagonist" of the production system. In the next few years, the domestic industrial robot market is expected to reach 500,000 to 600,000 units (only 147,700 units sold in 2018). Domestic robots rely on the price (30% to 40% cheaper than foreign countries), quality assurance services, and timely response. It will likely account for 80% of the total market sales.