Industry 4.0 tracking technology

- Apr 13, 2019-

At present, GPS positioning is already a very mature technology, with low price and low management cost, and is widely used in various fields. Asset locations and general time planning can be obtained through sensors connected to various assets or vehicles. 

Businesses can track assets through bar codes and tracking numbers to understand where products and goods are being shipped. However, this kind of tracking monitoring is far from accurate enough, and it still brings many problems and inconveniences.

For example, after we shop on the e-commerce platform, the logistics information shows that “the courier is delivering the goods”, but we can't know if the courier will deliver it within the next hour or within 3 hours.

In the industrial field, this kind of inaccurate or delayed logistics distribution will bring some confusion to the production of the enterprise, and even cause the production line to stop. Especially for manufacturers who are pursuing zero inventory, zero inventory means not only the timely delivery of the final product, but also the inventory management of the raw materials and equipment required for production.

Industry 4.0 computer

Therefore, more accurate asset tracking technology will be an important direction for the future digital supply chain. Hans Thalbauer, senior vice president of SAP, said, “We not only need to create connections for items, but also create connections for business partners. We not only need to connect with suppliers, but also suppliers that connect to suppliers.”

In the future, the digital supply chain will not only connect all links in the supply chain, but also connect all factors affecting logistics and distribution, such as weather, natural disasters, road infrastructure, regional economy, and even political influences, thus minimizing risks. 

TAICENN have provided some customized embedded computer system solution and products, integrated with GPS tracking technology, help to implement of industry 4.0.