Industry development from data to big data

- Jan 26, 2019-

Before the emergence of a new generation of information technology (IT), industrial enterprises have been operating normally for hundreds of years, and we should clearly recognize that the addition of information technology means more like a catalyst. First of all, we need to know what business goals we need to achieve, and we can make the existing production processes, industrial products, and management methods better.

In fact, the most fundamental goal of big data to support the business transformation of manufacturing is to improve quality and efficiency, and to achieve an intelligent manufacturing system based on automation and information. On the basis of intelligent manufacturing, then it is to build a platform, build an industrial ecology, and carry out more effective coordination with the industrial chain to realize the multiplication development of the industrial Internet.

The three typical application directions of industrial big data are also our goal of realizing the industrial Internet, including intelligent equipment, service-oriented manufacturing and cross-border integration. The first level is equipment-level, which is to improve the reliability of a single device, identify equipment failures, optimize equipment operation, etc. The second level is more for production lines, workshops, factories, improve operational efficiency, including energy optimization, supply chain management, quality management, etc; the third level is across the boundaries of the factory industry cross-border, to achieve industrial interconnection. TAICENN technology focus on industry development, and providing high level embedded computer system, panel pc products for intelligent production lines, workshops, factories, and fulfill high development of industry development.

Industrial big data is not coming out of thin air. Traditional industrial informatization has been going on. We already have a large amount of data from the R&D side, manufacturing process and service links. The industrial informatization process has been generating a lot of data, and the industry is going from data to Big data, in fact, more to consider is the superposition of data with automation domain, which is the integration of data. In the industrial Internet era, we also need to include more data from the upstream and downstream of the industry chain and across the border.