Intelligent control of the brain is big data analysis

- May 11, 2019-

Only the management of production operations is not complete intelligent production. Comprehensively solve the "information fault" phenomenon between the on-site automated production of equipment and the upper management system, and use the big data analysis to analyze the production decision, which is the highest level of intelligence.

In the intelligent factory, strong information management penetrates into all aspects of the enterprise industry chain. The production line of the enterprise is at high speed. The amount of data generated, collected and processed by the production equipment is much larger than the data generated by the computer and the enterprise. Real-time performance is also higher.

At the production site, data is collected every few seconds, and many forms of analysis can be realized using this data, including equipment operating rate, spindle operating rate, spindle load rate, operating rate, failure rate, productivity, and equipment utilization (OEE). ), parts qualification rate, quality percentage, etc. It is even possible to track the detailed data of the machining process of each workpiece on the machine.

First, in terms of production process improvement, using this big data, you can analyze the entire production process and understand how each step is performed. Once a process deviates from the standard process, an alarm signal is generated that can more quickly identify errors or bottlenecks and make it easier to solve the problem.

For example, in the aspect of energy consumption analysis, the sensors are used to monitor all the production processes in the production process of the equipment, and the abnormal or peak energy consumption can be found, thereby optimizing the energy consumption in the production process and performing all the processes. Analysis will greatly reduce energy consumption.

Finally, after a period of accumulation, a virtual model can be built on the production process of the product to simulate and optimize the production process. When all process and performance data can be reconstructed in the system, this transparency will help the manufacturing company improve its production. Production Process.

Utilize big data technology and production data visualization to ensure that decision makers and managers at all levels can grasp the changes in the production site in the shortest time, make accurate judgments and formulate quick response measures to ensure that the production plan is reasonable and fast. Corrected, the resources will be fully and effectively utilized, and the production process will be smooth, so as to maximize production efficiency.

Taking the most advanced Haier central air-conditioning intelligent factory in China as an example, its intelligent factory has been transformed and upgraded, and the information interconnection of production planning and line-side inventory has been realized, and material timing distribution to the station has been realized. The industry's first container intelligent assembly line and industry initiative Smart energy management system, the world's largest intelligent interconnection test bench technology and other applications, real-time, seamless user interconnection, information interconnection, virtual and real interconnection mode with the relevant parties and the whole process.