Intelligent Logistics for Industry 4.0 concept

- Jan 23, 2019-

In the era of Industry 4.0, customer demand is highly personalized, product innovation cycle continues to shorten, and production tempo is accelerating. These are not only important issues for intelligent production, but also great challenges for logistics systems that support production.

Intelligent Logistics is a core component of Industry 4.0. Within the framework of the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory, intelligent logistics is an important link between supply, manufacturing and customers, and the cornerstone for building a smart factory of the future. Intelligent unitized logistics technology, automatic logistics equipment and intelligent logistics information system are the core elements for building intelligent logistics. And intelligent logistic always have lots of request on handheld computer system, handheld tablet, touch monitors...etc.

As the leading logistics planning and application research institution in Europe and the forefront of industrial 4.0 logistics technology research and application research, the German Logistics Research Institute (Fraunhofer IML) independently developed the in Bin intelligent tote technology. The intelligence of the logistics unit is realized by adding a sensing and intelligent control unit to the tote.

The smart box can independently manage the inventory in the box, and can report the status of the smart box in time to the superior system, realizing the functions of automatic goods and replenishment. The smart box-based conveyor system can adopt decentralized control technology. The smart box is no longer a passive unit, but a “master” who gives orders to the conveyor system. Under the command of the smart box, the conveyor system can automatically deliver the box to its destination.

On the other hand, intelligent, efficient and flexible logistics systems for Industry 4.0 can be realized through the integration of smart boxes with intelligent logistics equipment such as shuttles. In 2003, the German Logistics Research Institute took the lead in developing the world's first lightweight high-speed shuttle Multi Shuttle, opening a new era of highly flexible automated logistics systems. Based on the Multi Shuttle, the German Logistics Research Institute developed the Multi Shuttle Move, an amphibious shuttle that can be used on the shelves and the ground in 2011, opening up the traditional barriers of logistics and production.

In 2014, Rack Racer, a self-climbing spider, was launched, breaking the last bottleneck of shuttle technology – the limit on the flow of the hoist. Unlike traditional shuttles, the Multi Shuttle Move can “think” independently. That is, in the process of walking, which devices need to communicate with each other, and how to deal with obstacles... can be solved intelligently and independently.

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