Intelligent management system is adaptive control

- May 11, 2019-

On the basis of material and information, to realize the intelligentization of the manufacturing process, it is also necessary to establish an intelligent automatic management system.

This requires online component analyzers, online non-destructive testing devices, online high-precision 3D digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, online high-precision non-contact geometric accuracy testing equipment, and the cooperation of many industrial sensors. It is necessary to promote simulation optimization, digital control, and state of manufacturing processes. Real-time monitoring of information and adaptive control to achieve intelligent control of the entire process.

In the case of automated production of uninterrupted units, remote viewing of the production status within the management unit, unattended intelligent management of production tasks, the entire production site without manual participation, truly achieve "no one" intelligent production.

This is the intelligent manufacturing control system. From no one at the production site to no one in the production process, this is another leap.

However, it provides basic management of production activities, realizes independent safety and control, and the production process is transparent and intelligent, further improving the efficiency of production operations. This is only the first level of the intelligent management system.

Secondly, it must realize the interconnection and comprehensive management between people, equipment, environment and materials, and realize the quality information collection and quality traceability in the intelligent manufacturing process.

Finally, with the help of information transfer, the entire production process from the order to the completion of the product is optimized between the enterprise and the supply chain. In the form of two-way interaction, the planning, production and resources are closely coordinated to reduce the internal Value-added activities effectively guide the production process of the factory and improve the timely delivery capability of the company.

From production management to dynamic control, this is the ability of manufacturing to achieve precision manufacturing, agile manufacturing, and transparent manufacturing for decades.

These are the “neural” systems of smart factories, which rely on the rapid development of information, communication, computing technology and the rapid improvement of artificial intelligence management results in recent years to comprehensively improve the ability and level of intelligent manufacturing.

Taking the most advanced Haier central air-conditioning intelligent factory in China as an example, through complex and precise layout, the all-factor and end-to-end system interconnection is realized, which drives the realization of the whole process information interconnection perception.