Intelligent manufacturing request overall planning

- Apr 17, 2019-

Intelligent manufacturing is not the purpose of the enterprise. The real purpose of the enterprise is to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through intelligent manufacturing. Digital workshop construction should also serve this purpose and serve the enterprise development strategy as a whole.

Digital workshop construction is not only a series of new technologies and new systems, but also involves production automation systems, digital and networked information systems, but also planning, scheduling, production processes, material distribution, etc. The factor is a comprehensive project that affects all levels of the workshop and can even affect the enterprise level. It must have a global concept and system thinking.

Before the construction of the digital workshop, we must systematically plan under the guidance of the strategic objectives of the enterprise, gradually clarify the problems, construction goals, solutions and implementation steps of all aspects of production, mobilize the resources of all parties, and cooperate to avoid the informationization department or Workshops and so on, through the process optimization, organizational optimization, process optimization, management optimization, etc., provide a solid foundation for the construction of digital workshops.