Intelligent manufacturing should be people-oriented

- Apr 17, 2019-

Intelligent manufacturing is not a simple process of “machine substitution”. Instead, it uses new concepts and new technologies such as automation, digitization, networking, and intelligence to help people achieve more efficient, higher quality, lower cost production and service. 

In the era of intelligent manufacturing, people become more important, not the other way around. Whether it is equipment such as robots or information systems such as MES, it is based on the starting point of helping people and serving people, rather than simply replacing people and reducing people. No matter how advanced the system is, if the enthusiasm of people is not mobilized, the system can not exert its maximum value, and intelligent manufacturing cannot succeed.

The main users of the digital workshop are a large number of workshop workers. They should fully consider the ease of use and convenience of the system, take lean production as the guiding ideology, take the user as the center, and on the basis of process optimization and process optimization, Automation, digitalization, networking, and intelligence are the means to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and take management optimization as a breakthrough to lay the foundation for intelligent transformation and upgrading at the workshop level.