Intelligent manufacturing still need focus on pain points

- Apr 17, 2019-

Based on the purpose of reducing costs and improving efficiency, starting from the actual pain points in the workshop, we will create a digital workshop management system (with MES as the core) that can solve practical problems, in process, equipment, management, informationization, networking, and intelligence. Various aspects such as chemistry are optimized to maximize production efficiency and management.

First of all, it is necessary to focus on the pain points and clearly identify the main problems to be solved according to the pain points. For example, the production efficiency is not high, the product quality is unstable, or the production process information is opaque, and the problem-oriented, and the corresponding solution is formulated. There must be a global mindset in the process, avoiding a single link such as equipment or production, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. For example, the information management system is out of line with the production equipment, and can not fully utilize the advantages of digital communication and automatic data collection. It also relies on manual input and manual statistics. How can the data be guaranteed in real time, accuracy and objectivity? How can data support make timely scientific management decisions?

Second, it needs to be implemented step by step and solidly advanced. There are many stages in the construction of digital workshops. The order of implementation depends on various factors such as problems, production characteristics and capital investment. It avoids greed and greed, and can start from the more successful links. For example, starting from the interconnection of test equipment, and gradually advancing to the information system such as MES, because the MES system needs to change the work habits and workshop management mode of the staff, it is difficult to implement, and the MES should exert the effect and get through the test equipment. Information breaks with the system are critical.