Intelligent Manufacturing System

- Dec 20, 2018-

Intelligent manufacturing system (Intelligent Manufacturing System-IMS) is a man-machine integration system composed of intelligent machines and human experience experts. Using the intelligent activities of human experts simulated by computers to analyze, judge, infer, conceive and make decisions, to replace or extend part of the mental work of human beings in the manufacturing environment, and to collect, store, perfect, share, collect, store, perfect and share, Inherit and develop the manufacturing intelligence of human experts. As a result of this manufacturing model, the value of knowledge in manufacturing activities is highlighted, and knowledge economy is the main form of economy after the industrial economy. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing has become an important production mode of manufacturing industry which will affect the future economic development process. Intelligent manufacturing system is not only the environment of intelligent technology integration application, but also the carrier of intelligent manufacturing mode.

Generally speaking, manufacturing system is conceptually considered as a complex and interrelated subsystem. From the point of view of manufacturing system function, intelligent manufacturing system can be subdivided into four subsystems: design, plan, production and system activity. In the design subsystem, intelligent design highlights the influence of consumer demand in the conceptual design process of products, and functional design focuses on the manufacturability, assemblability, maintainability and supportability of products. In addition, the simulation test is also widely used in intelligent technology. 

In the planning subsystem, database construction will evolve from simple information to knowledge-intensive. In scheduling and manufacturing resource planning, fuzzy reasoning and other expert systems will be integrated and intelligent manufacturing systems will be autonomous or semi-autonomous. Intelligent technology will be widely used in the monitoring of production process, production status acquisition and fault diagnosis, inspection and assembly; 

From the point of view of system activity, neural network technology has been applied in system control, and distributed technology, multi-agent technology, omnipotent technology and open system structure have been used to make system activity parallel and solve system integration. 

Thus, the idea of IMS is based on self-organization, distributed autonomy and social ecological mechanism. The purpose of IMS is to control the process of design, processing and management automatically by means of equipment flexibility and computer artificial intelligence control. Designed to address the effectiveness of manufacturing to adapt to highly changing environments.