Intelligent production for Industry 4.0 concept

- Jan 23, 2019-

In the era of Industry 4.0, with the full penetration of information technology into the manufacturing industry, high-flexibility allocation of production factors and mass-customized production can be realized, thereby breaking the traditional production process, production mode and management method.

The future is the era of intelligent networked production, not only a single factory, but a multi-factory enterprise will build a virtual manufacturing system through networking, providing comprehensive intelligent support for enterprise production. Standardized, modular and digital product design is the prerequisite for intelligent production.

The German automotive industry has taken the lead in introducing the concept of low-cost customization, product design has achieved standardization and modularization, and production has achieved comprehensive information and deep automation, basically achieving intelligent production, intelligent assembly, intelligent logistics and intelligent supply chain management. Since germany industry 4.0 concept, they always finds newest computer system technologys, so the demands on industrial computer, fanless embedded pc, touch panel pc and industrial monitors have been widely intergeted into these intelligent production factories.

Take the BMW 3 Series as an example. The engines from 325i to 335i share the same production line. Most of the hardware is universal, but the engine products are diversified by matching different electronic control and software products. The core foundation of cost and customized production is standardization. To this end, BMW can meet the market demand for mass customization for each off-line model without changing the production cycle, that is, each BMW car is produced according to customized customization.

Manufacturing companies in the era of Industry 4.0 no longer push production from the top down, but start from customer demand, realize order-to-customer design, procurement, logistics, production planning, production, full-process pull production, and realize each through virtual and real integration. Interconnection of links. This efficient and flexible production method also represents the future direction of the manufacturing industry.

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