Intelligent technology of intelligent manufacturing

- Dec 20, 2018-

1, New sensing techniques-high sensing sensitivity, precision, reliability and environmental adaptability, using new principles, new materials, and new technologies (such as quantum measurement, nano-polymer sensing, optical fiber sensing, etc.), Weak sensing signal extraction and processing technology. 

2, modularization, embedded control system design technology-different structure modular hardware design technology, microkernel operating system and open system software technology, configuration language and man-machine interface technology, as well as the realization of unified data format, Unified programming environment of engineering software platform technology. 

3, Advanced control and optimization technology, industrial process multi-level performance evaluation technology, modeling technology based on a large amount of data, large-scale high-performance multi-objective optimization technology, large-scale complex equipment system simulation technology, high-order derivative continuous motion planning, Precision motion control technology such as electronic transmission.

 4,system cooperation technology-whole scheme design technology of complex automation system for large-scale manufacturing engineering project, installation and debugging technology, unified operation interface and engineering tool design technology, unified event sequence and alarm processing technology, Integrated asset management technology. 

5, Fault diagnosis and health maintenance technologies-online or remote condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, self-healing control and damage intelligent identification, health maintenance technology, life test and residual life prediction technology for major equipment, Reliability and life evaluation techniques. 

6, high reliable real-time communication network technology-embedded Internet technology, high-reliability wireless communication network construction technology, industrial communication network information security technology and heterogeneous communication network information seamless exchange technology. 

7, Functional security technology--functional safety analysis, design, verification technology and method of hardware and software of intelligent equipment, establishment of test platform for functional safety verification, research on the whole function safety evaluation technology of automatic control system. 

8, Special technology and precision manufacturing technology such as multi-dimensional precision machining, precision forming, welding, bonding, sintering, (MEMS) technology, precise and controllable heat treatment technology, precision forging technology, etc. 

9, recognition technology-low cost, low power RFID chip design and manufacturing technology, UHF and microwave antenna design technology, low temperature hot pressing packaging technology, UHF RFID core module design and manufacturing technology, based on depth three bit image recognition technology, Object defect recognition technology.