IoT is using in multiple levels of the power industry

- May 20, 2019-

Today, the application of the Internet of Things is almost everywhere. Whether it is new retail, smart logistics, smart home, smart healthcare, the Internet of Things is closely linking various factors affecting the development of various industries, and provides a new way of interconnecting people, things and things. As far as the power industry is concerned, the application of the Internet of Things technology has caused many changes in power information collection, interconnection of off-site power systems, and power inspection and operation.

So, what are the applications of the Internet of Things in the power industry? From the current point of view, the application of the Internet of Things in the power industry mainly focuses on power asset management, power maintenance management, power consumption information collection and analysis, and power communication system connectivity. In the actual operation process, by using sensors, monitoring equipment, etc., the power management personnel can timely obtain information such as the peak hours of electricity consumption and the amount of electricity used in a certain area of the city, so as to prepare in time to ensure the production of the factory. Electricity and electricity for residents.

In fact, in the era when technology development is relatively backward, if you want to count the electricity consumption of different factories in a certain area, you need to collect a large amount of artificial ground power information, which is not only time-consuming and error-prone. After adopting technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, each factory can automatically identify and record various equipments for industrial production, thereby improving data accuracy and saving time. Based on the various advantages of the Internet of Things, in recent years, many cities in China have begun to vigorously promote the construction of power Internet of Things, and the application value of the Internet of Things in the field of power has gradually been released.