Logistics Tracking Application

- Jan 17, 2019-

At present, in the machine-to-machine market of large scale, its application will include personnel tracking and high-priced goods in transit, etc. However, the growth of the market is limited by (higher) connection costs. It is expected that 5G will provide additional advantages in terms of deep coverage, low power consumption and low cost (economies of scale) as well as as as as standard technology for 3GPP. The improvements offered by 5G will include optimizing logistics in a wide range of industries, improving worker safety and efficiency in asset location and tracking, thereby minimizing costs. It will also expand its capabilities to dynamically track a wider range of goods in transit. As online shopping increases, asset tracking will become more important.

In logistics, from warehouse management to logistics distribution, it needs wide coverage, deep coverage, low power consumption, Dalian connection and low cost connection technology. In addition, end-to-end integration of virtual factories spans the whole life cycle of products. To connect widely distributed sold goods, low-power, low-cost and wide-coverage networks are also required. Horizontal integration within enterprises or between enterprises also requires ubiquitous networks. 5G networks can well meet such needs.

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