Lots of customization for MES system?

- Apr 24, 2019-

I often hear that I often say that the customization of MES is very strong. In many cases, it has become a slogan. In fact, I have not done any in-depth thinking. Today I would like to make a preliminary analysis of the customization of MES. My opinion is for reference only.

MES is a management and control system for the production process of factories or workshops. It supports the coordinated operation of business such as schedule, quality and cost. It is a bridge to control the upper ERP and the underlying hardware. It not only supports normal process management, but also supports coordinated processing after exceptions. . MES is a supporting carrier system for the operation of a factory or workshop. It is a system for the operation of a factory or workshop.

Therefore, if the customization of MES is very strong, it should be a difference in the business of the factory or the workshop, so that the MES must be customized or highlighted to meet certain priorities. What is the difference between the factory or the workshop business?

The process manufacturing industry is unfamiliar, and this article only talks about the discrete manufacturing industry. The core distinction between the two industries is whether the materials are continuous, such as machining, brazing, assembly, etc. The materials are one by one, even if they are batches, they can be distinguished one by one. This is a typical feature of the discrete manufacturing industry.

There are many types of discrete manufacturing types: for example, in batches, there are large batches, medium batches, small batches, and single parts. For different batch processing, there are batch productions for large batches, and small batches for medium and small batches. Flexible production and single-piece custom production; and production organization, there are different forms of flow-type batch organization, flexible operation organization and project organization.