Machine vision application status

- Dec 18, 2018-

In oversea, the application of machine vision is mainly reflected in semiconductor and electronics industry, about 40%-50% of which are concentrated in semiconductor industry. Such as PCB printed circuit: all kinds of production PCB assembly technology, equipment; single, double-sided, multi-layer circuit board, copper clad plate and required materials and accessories; auxiliary facilities and consumables, ink, potions, accessories; Electronic packaging technology and equipment; SMT surface mount: SMT process and equipment, welding equipment, test instruments, rework equipment and various auxiliary tools and accessories, SMT materials, adhesives, solders and anti-oxidation oil, etc. Solder paste, cleaning agent, etc. Reflow welder, wave welder and automatic production line equipment. Electronic production and processing equipment: electronic components manufacturing equipment, semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing equipment, components forming equipment, electronic tooling. Machine vision system has been widely used in all aspects of quality detection, and its products play an important role in the application. In addition, machine vision is also used in various other fields. 

In China, the application of visual technology began in the 1990s, because the industry itself is a new field, coupled with the lack of popularization of machine vision product technology. As a result, the application of the above industries almost blank. At present, the majority of domestic machine vision for foreign brands. Most of the domestic machine vision companies are based on the agent of foreign machine vision brands. 

With the continuous application of machine vision, the scale of the company has gradually become larger, and the technology has gradually matured. As the economy improves, 3D machine vision is also coming into view. 3D machine vision is mostly used for grading fruit and vegetables, wood, cosmetics, baked goods, electronic components and pharmaceutical products. It can improve the production capacity of qualified products and scrap inferior products early in the production process, thus reducing waste and saving costs. This feature is ideal for imaging product attributes such as height, shape, quantity and even color. 

In the application of pharmaceutical packaging electronics automobile manufacturing semiconductor textile tobacco transportation logistics and other industries machine vision technology to replace human can provide production efficiency and product quality. For example, in the logistics industry, the machine vision technology can be used for sorting and classification of express delivery, and there will be no manual sorting by most express companies, which can reduce the damage rate of goods, improve the sorting efficiency and reduce manual labor.