Machine vision applications have a big market

- Jun 19, 2019-

In the industrial production process, the main application types of machine vision mainly have several aspects, one is to measure the object, including the measurement of size and angle; the other is to detect, for example, detect the presence, detection of defective products and positioning; There are identifications of objects, including reading recognition.

Machine vision is used in a wide range of applications, including cylinder heads, engines, metal castings, bodywork and machine size machine vision measurements in the automotive industry. In the electronics manufacturing industry, it is commonly used for solder ball inspection, surface defects, PCB drilling plate drilling and positioning. In addition, there are tobacco, packaging, textile, metal processing and other industries, packaging quality testing, number printing detection, QR code online identification, impurity detection.

There are many typical applications for machine vision, such as machine vision in welding robots, table tennis robots, precision assembly, and visual navigation gauges.

In the welding robot project, with machine vision, the robot can automatically position the welding starting point to achieve a wide range of high-precision tracking of the welding torch. In the plan of the table tennis robot, using the high-speed stereo vision measurement of distributed computing, the high-speed moving target trajectory can be predicted to complete the hitting control.