Machine vision features

- Dec 18, 2018-

Features of machine vision:

1, camera automatically match the speed of the object to capture ideal image;

2, the dimension range of parts is from 2.4mm to 12mm, the thickness can be different; 

3, the system selects workpiece of different size according to the operator, invokes the corresponding visual program to carry on the dimension inspection, and outputs the result; 

4, for the parts of different sizes, the sorting device and the conveying device can adjust the width of the feed channel accurately, make the parts move on the fixed path and carry on the visual inspection; 

5, the resolution of machine vision system is 2448 × 2048, the accuracy of dynamic detection can reach 0.02 mm;

6, the rate of missing detection of waste products is 0; 

7, The system can monitor the detection process by displaying the image, or dynamically view the test result through the detection data displayed on the interface. 

8, The system has the function of sending out the culling control signal in time and accurately to the wrong workpiece and eliminating the scrap; 

9, the system can check whether the state of its main equipment is normal or not, equipped with a state indicator lamp, and can set up system maintainers and use different operating authority of the personnel at the same time; 

10, real-time display detection screen, Chinese interface, can browse the image of several nonconforming products, with the ability to store and real-time view of the wrong workpiece image function; 

11, Can generate error result information file, contains the corresponding error image, and can print out.