Machine vision gives industry Smart eyes

- Apr 30, 2019-

The era of Industry 4.0 is a challenge and opportunity for traditional industries. To promote the level of intelligence in industry and promote the transformation of industry, industry must rely on artificial intelligence technology. At present, the application of artificial intelligence technology in industry is still in its infancy, mainly achieving the intelligent application of individual industrial scenes.

Machine vision technology entered the manufacturing industry, replacing manual detection with a pair of "smart eyes." Machine vision simulates human visual function through computer, not only the simple extension of the human eye, but also extracts information from the image of objective things, processes and understands it, and finally uses it for actual detection, measurement and control.

In the field of machine vision technology, a number of outstanding enterprises have emerged. Xiaoyou Intelligent focuses on high-precision 3D vision technology, mainly providing technical solutions for high-precision 3D visual scenes. The scenes that have been landed now include high-precision measurement in the industrial field. Safety inspection in the field of transportation; also in the application of machine vision technology and industrial scenes, there is also a creative high-tech enterprise, focusing on machine vision development and production, currently applying machine vision to weld tracking and high-precision vision. Measurement and testing; similar enterprises also develop the sorting robot based on machine vision technology, and the production of industrial intelligent testing equipment.