Machine vision industry is ushered in spring, under the wave of intelligent manufacturing,

- May 22, 2019-

With the rise of artificial intelligence technology and the increase in the computing power of edge devices, the application scenarios of machine vision have been expanding and have created a huge market. According to analysis by Grand View Research, a leading US research organization, the global machine vision market is expected to reach US$18.24 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.7%.

Under the wave of intelligent manufacturing, the production line has new requirements for industrial equipment, and the demand for quality inspection and production is increasing. The new generation of machine vision systems can process large amounts of information in just a few seconds, and this fast processing capability paves the way for machine vision applications in multiple areas.

Machine vision

At present, machine vision is a crucial technology in the field of manufacturing quality control, especially in the automotive manufacturing industry, including a large number of application cases, including automotive parts size, appearance, shape defect detection, and visual guidance positioning. Also, machine vision systems are required for packaging and bottling operations in the food industry.

In addition, the development of the robotics industry is also an important factor driving machine vision. More and more robots use visual guidance in industrial application solutions to perform a variety of complex tasks, including automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging, food and Solutions for beverages, etc.