Machine vision of one of edge technology in industrial automation

- Dec 27, 2018-

People always said that industry 4.0 can not do without intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing cannot do without machine vision, it can be imagined that machine vision plays an important role in industry. Machine vision is one of the most important technologies to realize industrial automation and intelligence. It has high automation, high efficiency, high precision and strong adaptability to the environment. It can identify features, measure, detect and interconnect data intelligently. Help enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, but also accurately ensure product quality. 


However, the domestic machine vision starts late and has a certain gap with foreign countries in the quality and technology of mature automation products, so the domestic machine vision market has a long way to go from saturation. Unlike transportation and security systems, industrial automation systems are more complex. When machine vision is really mature and widely used in industrial control industry, it is the official start of intelligent manufacturing.

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