machine vision trend of development

- Dec 18, 2018-

1. Price continues to fall:

At present, the machine vision technology in our country is not very mature, mainly depends on the import foreign complete system, the price is relatively expensive. With the development of technology and the fierce competition in the market, the decline of price has become an inevitable trend, which means that machine vision technology will be gradually accepted. 

2. The function increase continuously:

The realization of more and more functions mainly comes from the enhancement of computing power, the higher resolution sensor, the faster scanning rate and the improvement of software function, while the speed of PC processor is improving steadily. The price is also falling, which drives the emergence of faster buses, which in turn allow larger images with more data to be transmitted and processed at faster speeds. 

3. The product become smaller and smaller:

The trend towards miniaturization allows the industry to pack more components in smaller spaces, which means that machine vision products become smaller so they can be used in the limited space provided by the plant. For example, LED has become the dominant light source in industrial accessories, its small size makes the measurement of imaging parameters easy, and their durability and stability are very suitable for factory equipment. 

4. The integrated productes increased:

The growing number of integrated cameras heralds a growing trend in integrated cameras, which are powered by processors, lenses, light sources, input / output devices and Ethernet, telephony, and PDA in a single box. The development of cheaper, leaner instruction set computers, (RISC), has made possible the emergence of smart cameras and embedded processors. Similarly, advances in field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology add computing capabilities to smart cameras, and embed processors and high performance frame collectors for PC machines, which combine to handle the FPGA, for most computing tasks DSP and microprocessor will be more intelligent.