Main features of a industrial computer

- Dec 03, 2018-

The industrial embedded box pc is commonly said to be a computer specially designed for the industrial field, and the industrial site is generally characterized by strong vibration, excessive dust, and very high electromagnetic force interference, etc. And the general factory is a continuous operation, that is, a year of general no rest. 

Therefore, the industrial embedded box pc must have the following characteristics compared with the common computer: 

1, the chassis adopts the steel structure, has the higher ability of preventing magnetism, dust and impact;

2, the chassis has a special bottom plate, the bottom board has PCI and ISA slot;

3, there is a special power supply in the chassis, the power supply has strong anti-interference ability;

4. The ability to work continuously for a long time is required;

5, generally adopt easy to install standard chassis (4 U standard chassis is more common) Note: in addition to the above characteristics, the rest are basically the same. In addition, due to the above professional characteristics, the same level of industrial computer in the price is more expensive than ordinary computers, but generally not too different. 

Although the industrial embedded box pc has the unique advantage compared with the ordinary commercial computer, but its disadvantage is also very obvious-the data processing ability is poor, as follows: 

(1) the configuration hard disk capacity is small;

(2) the data security is low; 

(3) the storage selectivity is small; 

(4) the price is higher.