Man-machine integration creates a new form of industry

- Apr 30, 2019-

Compared with the previous model of manufacturing products by manpower alone, the use of automated and intelligent equipment undoubtedly has many advantages in terms of improving production efficiency and shortening production cycle. With the changes of the times, the way of relying on manpower to produce products is obviously no longer in line with actual needs, and the human-machine cooperation mode has gradually been put into practical application because it is more in line with the actual needs of the current manufacturing industry.

In the entire industrial production system, almost no sub-sector can be separated from industrial equipment. Whether it is garment manufacturing, printing and packaging, mineral mining, petrochemical or metallurgy, all kinds of equipment are needed to manufacture products. The production of products by manpower alone is often time-consuming and dangerous. Large-scale adoption of modern equipment is also difficult for SMEs. In this case, the use of human-machine cooperation can reduce the labor intensity of workers and further develop the machine. The role, in order to achieve a win-win situation.

Insiders pointed out that in order to achieve high-efficiency flexible automated production, the human-machine collaboration model will be applied in multiple industrial manufacturing scenarios, and robots and other equipment will gradually enter the production workshop and share workspace and time with workers. In particular, collaborative robots are likely to be widely used in 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronics), pharmaceutical, food, logistics and other industries.