MES system features

- Jun 14, 2019-

Convenience of MES system use

No matter how good the system is, if it can't be used conveniently, everything is empty talk, and this is a major defect of many software products, which ultimately leads to the unsustainable project, so the simple installation, implementation and maintenance have important practical significance.

MES system application flexibility

Without much programming experience, the business process design tool provided by the software can combine the business process with the system program; directly click on the job box in the flow chart, the system can automatically activate the corresponding software program for the user to use; each Users can use their own business processes to achieve the goal of “requiring employees to follow business processes” and “users only need to be familiar with business processes and not have to memorize software programs”.

MES system client compatibility

In all management areas, the setting parameters of the system control function are provided, so that the enterprise can adjust the depth and rigor of the information management with the change of the environment and the maturity of its own informationization; various documents used in management can be Design according to the user's own needs, and add new documents or adjust the original documents as the demand changes; no need for specialized software knowledge to achieve simplicity. The MES system has special tools that allow users to adjust the original reports in the system in an intuitive way without having to have all the software knowledge. In the report, the authorized user can even click on the data, expand the detailed data directly in the report, and concatenate to the original document. In addition to being able to redesign the various reports already in the system according to their own needs, users can also design reports that are not in the system, as long as they are any data existing in the system, if they are authorized by the enterprise, You can design a variety of reports according to your own meaning.