NetApp helps data-driven businesses move to success

- May 10, 2019-

On May 9, 2019, as an authoritative enterprise in the field of hybrid cloud data management, NetApp announced the launch of NetApp ONTAP 9.6, a new end-to-end mid-range NVMe AFF A320 storage system and a richer service portfolio designed to help companies from data. Discover the greatest value.

NetApp's Cloud Connect Flash solution is an integral part of the Data Fabric strategy, delivering unprecedented performance, the scalability, operational efficiency and data protection needed to support innovation, as well as support for the most demanding data sets and labor. Technologies such as smart or 5G networks. NetApp provides businesses with everything they need to build their own unique Data Fabric across public, private, and internal environments. With NetApp's solutions, the Data Fabric delivers applications that are more user-friendly and provides analytics that turn insight into a competitive advantage.

Eric Burgener, vice president of research for IDC's infrastructure systems, platforms and technology division, said: "As the transformation of the enterprise adopts a new, data-centric business model, the importance of data becomes increasingly prominent and gradually becomes an important strategic resource. As a result, the need for data availability has gradually increased. NetApp's cloud-connected flash solution combined with the Data Fabric strategy provides high-performance, availability, agility and streamlining for companies undergoing digital transformation to help these companies Create and leverage innovative business opportunities in a hybrid cloud infrastructure."

Joel Reich, executive vice president and general manager of the storage systems and software division at NetApp, said: "From the upcoming technological advances such as 5G networks, we can see that the ability of companies to generate, collect and disseminate massive amounts of data will be spurred like never before, and Companies that are not prepared for this will be at a loss. With NetApp ONTAP, organizations can respond to these data-intensive technologies by maximizing more value from data through trusted, powerful, and intelligent solutions. The challenges brought by cutting-edge innovation."