Network collaborative manufacturing

- Jun 21, 2019-

1. Built a networked manufacturing resource collaborative cloud platform with a complete system architecture and corresponding operational rules.

2. Through the collaborative cloud platform, show the social/enterprise/department manufacturing resources and realize the effective docking of manufacturing resources and needs.

3. Through the collaborative cloud platform, realize the sharing, complementarity and docking of innovative resources and design capabilities between demand-oriented enterprises/sectors.

4. Through the collaborative cloud platform, the order-oriented inter-enterprise/departmental production resources are rationally allocated, and the parallel production of production processes and supply chains.

5. Established a product traceability system that is collaboratively shared around the entire production chain to realize information traceability services covering the manufacturing, operation and maintenance services of the products.

6. It has an industrial information security management system and a technical protection system, and has the capability of information security such as network protection and emergency response.

Through continuous improvement, the networked manufacturing resources and cloud platform are continuously optimized. The innovation resources, production capacity and service capacity among enterprises and departments are highly integrated. The manufacturing and service operation and maintenance information are highly shared, and the dynamic analysis and flexible configuration level of resources and services are realized and Significantly enhanced.