Network Security is a problem in the implementation of Industrial Internet of things

- Jan 09, 2019-

For example, the quality assurance content provided by OEM manufacturers is changing, and the quality assurance content provided has changed from "replacing faulty parts within one year" to "ensuring that the equipment can run normally in one year." If there is a problem with the device, the OEM vendor is required to respond within the specified time. But the prerequisite is that OEM manufacturers can access the industrial control network in real time and safely to view relevant data. Industrial networks will become more open and integrated with IT networks, while network security issues will become more prominent. Any threat to IT systems will have a serious impact on OT systems. Safety has become a major obstacle to investing in the Internet of things in industry. In recent years, hackers have broken into the power company network, blocked the power supply, hijacked the industrial control equipment, tampered with the procedure and data in the PLC, and caused the production line to stop production, which greatly raised the industrial enterprise users' concern about the safety of the industrial Internet of things. 

Although automation equipment manufacturers have added network security measures to both hardware and software platforms, such as SSL/TLS encryption in PLC and I / O module products. But there is still a long way to go before end users can widely accept and use the industrial Internet of things to collect, monitor, process, and store all kinds of data and information. In addition, the cost of expanding the network security capability of the existing OT system and the investment of training trained personnel are also important factors. According to IHS Markit, the main concerns of implementing the Internet of things scheme are network security and privacy protection, followed by the implementation cost and complexity of the project.

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