New development direction of industrial automation

- Dec 29, 2018-

At the global level, the development of industrial automation industry has a significant impact on the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. Through the development of hardware and software technology of industrial automation control, the manufacturing industry can achieve the goals of increasing efficiency, reducing cost, reducing loss, safety and stability, and promoting industrial upgrading to achieve a more obvious effect. 

In recent years, China has put forward the "made in China 2025" plan, and vigorously promoted the intelligent manufacturing industry to land, encouraging the rapid development of digital economy. Not only that, our country also issued a series of policies and regulations, proposed that we should apply the Internet of things, big data, industrial Internet and other technologies in order to cultivate new industries and upgrade traditional industries. At present, China's industrial automation market penetration is still low, there is great potential. 

With the prologue of the fourth industrial revolution and industrial reform, industrial automation is no longer confined to the category of automation, but to information, intelligent, digital is its remarkable characteristics. At present, the artificial intelligence technology develops more mature, the application in each link of manufacturing industry is more and more extensive; The application of the industrial Internet of things and the industrial Internet of things has opened the digital door for the manufacturing ecology, and the huge value of the data is increasingly reflected. 

At present, both in the development and application of frontier technology and in the inheritance and innovation of traditional industry, our country has more strength than ever before. Firmly promoting industrial automation and grasping the opportunity of intelligence and digitization will become the key to innovation of traditional industry and establishment of modern industrial power in our country. Therefore, the development prospect of industrial automation industry in our country is worth looking forward to.

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