New IIoT platform continues to emerge

- Jun 10, 2019-

As a versatile "long-distance game" containing "cloud", "pipe" and "end" triathlon, the industrial Internet proposed by GE in 2012 has now entered the seventh year of development.

According to the latest analysis released by IoT Analytics in 2019, Industrial Internet will maintain a CAGR of 40% in the next 7 years, and IIoT has found a breakthrough in landing, and has begun to replace traditional software such as MES to take over production. Related applications such as monitoring, quality control and inventory management.

Compared to the batch and process industries, discrete manufacturing will have the highest proportion of industrial Internet spending (53%) and the highest growth rate (46%). The greater the production complexity in discrete manufacturing, the more valuable the data is and the most likely to catalyze new business models.

Although there are hundreds of industrial Internet platforms in the world, it does not affect the participation of new players.

Notable include Honeywell and Schneider. For example, Honeywell's latest Forge Industrial Internet platform will release versions for the aerospace, industrial and construction industries, collect business data, and analyze and optimize the infrastructure.

Schneider's Exchange will be built as an open, cross-industry ecosystem that will enable users in different industries to share the latest thinking and ideas, break existing frameworks and open up new markets.

Matching the industrial internet platform is a variety of industrial APP app stores and partner ecosystems.

The convergence of individual companies is understandable. In a market where it is increasingly difficult to draw a border, if you don’t build your own ecosystem, you will give development opportunities to your competitors.