One-piece project production of MES

- Apr 24, 2019-

This generally refers to the production of large-scale products such as airplanes, rockets, satellites, ships, etc. The typical characteristics are fixed products and production resources around the product.

The single-item project-oriented production-driven MES customization key needs are as follows: 

First, in the manual management mode, the plan is relatively simple, generally the development of the extensive planning time node, emphasizing the frequent and detailed scheduling of the site, but in the digitization Under the production mode, if it is refined to the scheduling of each operation, the planned scheduling of this method is actually very complicated, which is different from the traditional scheduling, such as the use of the shortest critical path, etc. Flexible scheduling of parallel process flow; 

secondly, the requirements for material management and control are relatively high. This type of production is mostly assembly-type production. The materials required for each link are different, and the number of types is also very complicated. Service-type distribution is controlled.