Same features on touch screen and other screen

- Dec 13, 2018-

Same as the touch screen panel, other user interfaces panel include web interface, software interface, game interface and mobile interface. 


Touch screen interfaces have a lot in common with them: 

Firstly, at the very least, they are interactive systems, both in the domain of software design rather than physical design. 

Secondly, whether touch screen interface or web interface, they all belong to graphical user interface design, that is, they all have the common attributes of graphical user interface, such as window, icon, menu, pointing device. Only in some special cases, these elements will change accordingly. Thirdly, touch screen interface and other interface design involve almost the same knowledge in color psychology and graphic design. 

Finally, the touchscreen interface is in line with the design philosophy of other interfaces, that is, "people-oriented," so that after the first contact with this interface, users feel clear at a glance and can easily use it without much training. So that the user on the first operation to get a happy feeling.