Security big data support for SMART City

- Jan 03, 2019-

Ning Jia-jun, a member of the National Informatization expert Advisory Committee, who is a member of the National Informatization expert Advisory Committee, said that one of the important goals of building a smart city is to persist in promoting the efficiency of public services as the core of the modernization of intelligent cities. Through the further improvement of the service of the people, the construction of harmonious and livable modern intelligent city. This goal is inseparable from the support of advanced and innovative technologies, among which big data is the key technology. 

With the deep development of Internet of things and large-scale intelligent application service in the construction of intelligent city, massive, plural and heterogeneous urban space-time big data has been produced. These data will become the basis of the future city big data. At present, cities need to aggregate, process and manage these data. 

Intelligent city scientific management operation and decision-making, only under the support of big data can truly realize. Specifically, the collection, processing, sharing, mining and application of urban big data can help all departments fully understand the operation and development of the whole city, promote cooperation among all parts, and create a plan and efficient operation for the whole city. Then to the overall predictable closed-loop development model, and then serve the public. 

Security big data has penetrated into all aspects of the construction of a smart city. 

What the intelligent security defense emphasizes is a more intelligent perception of the city, which is based on video surveillance systems and uses cloud computing. Big data and other technologies integrate all kinds of video data in cities, build a huge urban public safety prevention and control platform, realize pre-prevention, perceive and respond quickly in matters, and investigate and analyze afterwards. We can say that, The construction of security guard big data is an effective measure to improve the application efficiency of video surveillance in intelligent city. 

Nowadays, the security industry is no longer a simple view of video and a single dimensional data retrieval application. With the development of technology, security has gradually opened the "video" era. The development trend of security big data is based on the needs of the business scene, the integration of various types of big data applications, taking the intelligent community as an example, and based on the cloud architecture of big data, through the integration of intelligent video access control, community vehicle big data, and other systems, such as material-link perception, etc. At the same time, taking into account the needs of residents, real estate, comprehensive management, operations and maintenance companies, can effectively strengthen the control of the floating population, reduce the incidence of community cases, comprehensively promote the level of community technology and prevention, and then enhance the overall outlook of the city's spiritual civilization. Throughout the domestic "smart city" construction, from urban public safety prevention and control to traffic, energy, education and environmental protection, can be said to a considerable extent from the development of security and defense system. 

Conclusion: security big data as a smart city peace community, intelligent transportation, snow bright project, smart home and even intelligent commerce and other areas of the core of the Internet of things application, has become the wisdom of the city construction of the highest weight of big data type. In the future, security guard big data will continue to make efforts in the construction of intelligent city, providing convenient and automatic services including public security, travel, medical care, education and so on.

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