smart equipment and production line of intelligent manufacturing

- Dec 21, 2018-

Manufacturing equipment has experienced mechanical equipment to numerical control equipment, and is gradually developing into intelligent equipment. The intelligent equipment has the function of detection, which can be used to detect in the machine, which can compensate the machining error, improve the machining precision, and compensate the thermal deformation. In the past, some precision equipments had very high requirements for environment. Now, because of the closed-loop detection and compensation, the requirement of environment can be reduced. 

Companies in many industries rely heavily on automated production lines, such as steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, tobacco, chip manufacturing, electronic assembly, automotive vehicle and parts manufacturing, to automate processing, assembly and testing. Some mechanical standard parts are also produced using automated production lines, such as bearings. However, equipment manufacturing enterprises are still mainly discrete manufacturing. Many enterprises focus on technical transformation, that is, the establishment of automated production lines, assembly lines and testing lines. The U-type pulsating assembly line has been established at Boeing's aircraft assembly plant. The automatic production line can be divided into rigid automatic production line and flexible automatic production line. In order to improve production efficiency, industrial robots and hanging systems are more and more widely used in automatic production lines.