Smart factory is the inevitable trend of factory upgrade

- May 11, 2019-

"Made in China 2025" clearly proposes to promote the comprehensive transformation of China's manufacturing industry through the construction of smart factories.

Nowadays, China's manufacturing is facing the “mountain rain and winds coming to the wind”. In the environment of rapid increase in labor costs, the manufacturing industry is still large and not strong, in terms of industrial structure level, resource utilization efficiency, informationization level, quality and efficiency, etc. The gap is obvious, and the tasks of transformation and upgrading and leapfrogging development are urgent and arduous.

If the company can't meet more and more complex demands in time, it will be left far behind by competitors in the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation.

Promoting smart manufacturing is the fundamental path to solve the problem of China's manufacturing industry becoming bigger and stronger. We believe that the need to accelerate the automation-intelligent dual transformation of traditional production equipment in various industries is urgent.

Highly integrated automated manufacturing, intelligent management process transformation, pilot demonstration and application promotion should be implemented in key industries and enterprises with good basic conditions, and intelligent manufacturing standard systems should be established to achieve vertical, horizontal and end-to-end integration. Realize the industrialization of equipment, products and systems.

Nowadays, China has a well-known large-scale white electricity manufacturing company headed by Haier, and has made a smart factory that is “rare” in the global home appliance field. It is also undergoing iterative upgrades, evolutionary enhancements, and is leading the transformation of manufacturing methods; 

The implementation of smart factories will significantly improve the level of China's manufacturing industry, and promote related products to provide products of higher quality and more in line with the people's consumer demand, and serve China's supply-side reform. In the process of standard formulation and implementation, it will consolidate the layout of independent technology and increase the right of independent voice of industry, and provide an important guarantee for China to seize the new high point of industrial revolution and compete for the right to speak in the international market.

Based on the comprehensive forecast of China's manufacturing industry and market demand diversification, the speed of upgrading and upgrading of China's intelligent production facilities and digital workshops/factories will be further accelerated in the next 5 to 10 years. The manufacturing industry will focus on intelligent manufacturing and information equipment. Demand will also increase substantially. It is expected that the scale of China's intelligent manufacturing and information equipment market will continue to grow at a growth rate of around 30%.