Smart manufacturing remains the same quality of the product

- May 28, 2019-

In the past manufacturing industry, when the factory received the workshop information or the customer survey to the data, the product has entered the customer group, that is, the damage has already occurred, leaving the user with a low quality impression. The new manufacturing model, with the help of IoT technology, allows factory companies to collect and transmit data in real time, providing timely insight into the problem and making changes before the product causes serious problems.


Future products will be equipped with smart sensors that will ensure the quality level of each product. Whether it is consumer electronics, household appliances or industrial equipment, the sensor can report abnormal data of the product to the manufacturer, and then the factory provides more Punctual after-sales service. In addition, the factory can analyze the deficiencies of the products from the data and optimize them on the next product, which will ultimately ensure the quality of the products.

This approach avoids customer complaints and damage to the company's brand, and can cost the company significant costs. In the past, after major problems with automobile products, a large number of recalls were not uncommon, which not only led to a decline in the influence of the company's brand, but also a heavy financial cost.

The benefit of the IoT connection manufacturing process is that once a problem or defect is discovered, it can be self-healing in time before the error has serious consequences. Especially in today's breakthrough of artificial intelligence, we can quickly analyze the hidden dangers, complete the control of production quality in near real time, and bring better products and less losses.