Smart manufacturing will trigger significant opportunities

- Jun 19, 2019-

Manufacturing transformation Intelligent manufacturing is a trend of the general trend. Machine substitution is an inevitable process of upgrading. The use of robots not only relieves the pressure of the enterprise's manpower, but also improves the production efficiency of the factory and realizes the flexible production capacity. Small batches of multiple batches of product requirements.

Smart manufacturing will trigger significant opportunities

In an environment of increasing personal consumption, many manufacturers report that orders from customers change rapidly, and in a few months, they need to adjust the process to produce new products. This situation is undoubtedly a huge challenge for traditional manufacturing. Therefore, modern manufacturing requires a flexible manufacturing model, that is, flexible production, which is highly automated.

The flexibility of the robot has made it possible for the factory to upgrade Industry 4.0, especially collaborative robots, which are easy to edit and use. Manufacturers can achieve immediate automation and change the production process at any time without spending a lot of time debugging. Collaborative robots are easy to edit and do not require professional technicians, which saves more capital.

In addition, mobile robots can help the production line to manufacture products more efficiently and flexibly. The autonomous navigation technology is gradually matured. The mobile robot can change the movement route at any time, realize different scene switching, and seamlessly connect the production line with the material warehouse.

In general, robots will play an increasingly important role in the future manufacturing industry. At the same time, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies, the capabilities of robots will be further upgraded and will open up a wider application space.