Smart R&D and management of Intelligent manufacturing

- Dec 21, 2018-

Smart R&D:

Discrete manufacturing enterprises have used tools such as CAD/CAM/CAE/CAPP/EDA and PDM/PLM system in product research and development, but e-works has found that in the process of providing consulting services to manufacturing enterprises, The level of application of these software in many enterprises is not high. In order to develop intelligent products, enterprises need the cooperation of electromechanical software and multi-discipline, to shorten the period of product research and development, to apply simulation technology in depth, to establish virtual digital prototyping, to realize multi-disciplinary simulation, and to reduce the physical test through simulation. It is necessary to implement the idea of standardization, serialization and modularization to support mass customization or product customization, and to combine simulation technology with test management to improve the confidence of simulation results. Process manufacturing enterprises have begun to use PLM system to realize process management and formula management, LIMS (laboratory information management system.

SMART management:

The core operation management system of manufacturing enterprise also includes human assets management system (HCM), customer relationship management system (CRM), enterprise asset management system (EAM), energy management system (EMS), supplier relationship management system (SRM), Enterprise portal (EP), business process management system (BPM), domestic enterprises also take office automation (OA) as a core information system. In order to uniformly manage the core master data of enterprises, master data management (MDM) has been deployed in large enterprises in recent years. To realize intelligent management and intelligent decision, the most important condition is that the basic data is accurate and the main information system integrates seamlessly.