Smart workshop and factory of intelligent manufacturing

- Dec 21, 2018-

A workshop usually has multiple production lines that either produce similar parts or products or have upstream and downstream assembly relationships. In order to realize the intelligentization of workshop, it is necessary to collect and analyze the information of production condition, equipment state, energy consumption, production quality and material consumption in real time, to arrange production efficiently and arrange shift reasonably, and to improve the utilization rate of (OEE). Significantly. Therefore, no matter what manufacturing industry, manufacturing execution system (MES) becomes an inevitable choice for enterprises.


A factory usually consists of more than one workshop, and a large enterprise has more than one factory. As an intelligent factory, not only the production process should be automated, transparent, visualized, lean, but also product inspection, quality inspection and analysis, production logistics should be integrated with the production process closed-loop. Multiple workshops in a factory should share information, distribute on time and cooperate with each other. Some discrete manufacturing enterprises have also set up production command centers similar to those of process manufacturing enterprises to direct and dispatch the whole factory to find and solve unexpected problems in time. This is also an important symbol of intelligent factories. Intelligent factory must rely on seamless integration of information system support, mainly including PLM,ERP,CRM,SCM and MES five core systems. The intelligent factory of large enterprise needs to use ERP system to make the production plan (ProducTIon planning), of many workshops and the granularity of (producTIon scheduling), MES scheduling by MES system according to the production plan of each workshop is in days hours and even minutes.