TAICENN machine vision PC ABOX-E7 used in detecting very small devices application

- Jan 23, 2019-


With the development of technology, more and more products tend to be smaller, compact, portable, and even higher integration, which requires some components to be more miniaturized. Very small devices include screw fasteners, electronic components, tiny rubber products, and more others. To the detection of these very small components, the traditional manual detection mode can no longer meet the needs of production. The emergence of machine vision system has replaced the cumbersome traditional man-made, which is in line with the improvement and improvement of current intelligent manufacturing, especially in some refined processes and high-risk working environments. The detection rate is low, and labor is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Machine vision applications greatly improve inspection accuracy and productivity.

machine vision pc 

Industry Status

The reason why vision inspection can replace man-made in the detection control of contemporary manufacturing precisely, is because the fixed algorithm of the machine can achieve fatigue-free, stable and continuous work, and be able to achieve accurate and accurate operation requirements. However, in practical applications, a series of business processes, from visual input to digital information transmission, as well as machine response and control actions, rely on powerful computing power, which has become a barrier in industrial vision inspection. For very small devices, high-speed vision inspection is required to meet consumer demand, and the requirements for algorithm accuracy, computer computing power, real-time communication, and long-life stable operation of the whole machine are particularly demanding.



We work together with a domestic company focusing on automation solutions for the passive component manufacturing industry to achieve 6-sided inspection of very small components, with high-magnification CCD industrial cameras, industrial lenses, professional light source systems, and more than 7 units’ cameras with WGD Special detection software to achieve high precision and high speed detection of 5~50mm ultra-small devices. The system consists of the following diagram:

 machine vision pc


In order to meet the computing requirements of multi-channel, high-speed computing and real-time response in the entire system, the company has placed the following requirements on new embedded computers:

  A. Require i5 or more computing power;

  B. Support more than 7 industrial camera connection capabilities;

  C. Requires compact and small size;

  D. Require vibration resistance and adapt to high temperature work.


Product application import

TAICENN combines the company's business requirements and application environment, and uses the modular machine vision pc ABOX-E7 for application import. ABOX-E7 serie machine vision pc uses the full-performance Skylake platform's full-performance desktop processor (6th/7th), equipped with Q170 industrial grade chip, combined with Intel Media SDK to achieve multi-channel graphics operation, integrated graphics card through excellent heat dissipation and power design in the embedded chassis, its modular design and powerful expansion capabilities can be quickly applied to machine vision, Internet, AGV, big data and other applications. 

In this project:

   - Using Intel i5-6500 to realize high-speed operation of very small device fine size and multi-camera image, the highest precision is up to ±0.01mm, and the speed can reach 1200 no-device high-speed detection and screening every minute;

   - 8 intel Gigabit networks are implemented through MXM module and aDoor, and jumbo frame is supported to realize 6+1+1 visual application. The appearance detection of components is performed by 6 cameras, and a prototype is used to detect the accuracy of the size. a prototype to do screening control;

   -  The machine vision pc ABOX-E7 has compact body is more suitable for installation in tight spaces, and it complements the precision system of component testing equipment.

   - Uniquely designed copper tube + large area aluminum fin + PWM intelligent fan cooling system, allowing E7 to run stably for a long time in a small space under the component inspection platform;

   - Die casting mold chassis can effectively resist shock vibration in component screening shaker;

   - Wide-voltage power input module can share power environment with servo, PLC and other equipment, and resist EMI interference in industrial sites such as shock and surge.

machine vision pC 

Application summary

In the precision detection of extremely small components, the TAICENN embedded, high-performance, multi-expansion modular ABOX-E7 series machine vision pc products provide high-speed operation, multi-pass input and output, and provide strong support for the stability of visual inspection. The solution solves the bottlenecks of customers' calculation, installation and stability, and enhances the competitiveness of the industry.


Machine vision as a powerful solution for intelligent manufacturing, with the booming development of the robot field and image recognition industry, the improvement of labor costs and the need to improve labor intensity, the application of machine vision in industrial automation is becoming more and more common, and the demand is also increasing. more and more. Apache is committed to creating more reliable industrial PCs, providing a powerful solution for the machine vision industry through a fast and versatile combination of modular products.

TAICENN, is a leading global solution provider of Embedded Box PC, Touch panel PC and industrial monitor, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.

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