TAICENN machine vision computer ABOX-E7 for Digital operating room

- Mar 16, 2019-


The digital operating room is an emerging medical project that was born with the development of information, minimally invasive, multimedia, and communication technologies. It uses a combination of clinical medicine, industrial control, network communication, video editing, information integration, communication security, intelligent terminal technology, allowing the operating room to communicate with the functional units in the hospital and even outside the hospital to create an operating room-centric information platform. The operating room is not in the form of an information island.

As one of the most important part of the hospital, it can be said that the emergence of digital operating room is the first milestone in the modern operating room revolution. Focusing on the modernization of the operating room, digital operating room truly realizes the high-efficiency, flexible and flexible operation of the operating room, integrating the control and management of equipment, the integration of medical information, the transmission and storage of medical image data, and the remote surgical guidance.


machine vision computer

Industry status:

The core of the digital operating room is very powerful. At present, the intelligent and digital operating room market is mature. Basically, the hospital will establish a digital operating room or a medical video teaching system and a remote consultation system. Medical video systems are well integrated and integrated with medical information. However, there is a gap than the developed countries in overall level. On the standardization issue, most of the word surgery systems are not fully compatible with the equipment of other manufacturers, and there are problems of poor application.

Based on this, we can easily find that the composition of the digital operating room involves many aspects such as medical equipment, network, communication, infrastructure, etc. It is necessary to coordinate and complete the project construction. In the embedded integrated workstation, the machine vision computer provides industrial display service for the intelligent terminal, which requires the product itself to be powerful, the compatibility is excellent, the upgrade is easy to complete, and there is no irreversible failure.


Product applications:

The TAICENN ABOX-E7 series machine vision computer products have taken their advantages in the digital medical operating room. Collaborating with the all-in-one PC in the medical unit, the nurse workstation control part request wall mounting to save space for the operating room; centralized control of all equipment in the operating room environment, video, audio, medical, etc.; docking of all medical systems such as HIS, LIS, PACS, and management of data, information such as DSA, endoscopy, ultrasound, intraoperative images, etc.


Product main features & applications:

The installation of a high-resolution full view camera in the operating room is able to achieve 360-degree monitoring, to meet the supervision of the dynamic information in the operating room and the hospital administrator's daily viewing.

High-resolution field camera is installed on the shadow less arm to collect video information in the field, and the whole process of high-definition recording is used for remote teaching, remote expert consultation, remote surgery guidance and other applications.

The signal transmission from the operating room to the central machine vision computer room, classroom, and consultation room, using digital fiber optic cable to ensure high-quality and clear image and voice transmission, to achieve surgical video and medical image data sharing, full HD surgical live broadcast, surgical teaching and remote Consultation and other applications

machine vision computer


ABOX-E7 machine vision computer main features:

   -  Intel 6/7-gen Skylake desktop multi-core processor, powerful computing for vision and multi-tasking computing;

   High-strength & compact body design with mold production, suitable for high-integration applications

   - Efficient cooling system design to ensure long-term stability of the product

   - Multiple interface support with modular design, to solve multiple control and acquisition control solution

   - Large-capacity memory and RAID storage support, for big data exchange and data security;

   - 6*Intel network modular combination for complex video capture

   - 9~36V vehicle power supply solution, in line with ISO 7673-2 standard, supporting complex power supply environment

   - -20~70 °C wide temperature work

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